A Holistic Perspective on Health & Healing


If you have come this far, you are probably searching for something more in some aspect of your life. I certainly was when I started down my own wellness path.


Are you dreaming of reducing ailments and dis-ease in your body and mind?

Are you wishing you felt more free in your life?

Have you imagined your best self but feel so far from that image you aren't sure where to start?

Are you working hard to achieve health and performance goals but feel like you aren't getting ahead? 

The fact that you are reading this means you ARE ready to step into these dreams and desires. You are one step closer to feeling better, living in greater vitality, hitting goals and enJOYing life again. Celebrate this!

Trust that wherever you are in your wellness journey because it is exactly where you are meant to be. This entire experience is absolutely FOR you. (This statement in itself might challenge your beliefs....notice that.)

Holistic nutrition involves much more than fad diets and restrictive eating. Most people I work with KNOW what they should be eating, it's the DOING that they experience challenges with. Clients often tell me they need to work on their relationship with food. And I lovingly disagree. 

We can learn about food and to use it as a potent medicine. But it is our relationship with OURSELVES that we get to 'work on'. Healing our bodies and minds starts here.

The actions required for sustainable change to take root often cause us to bump up against subconscious beliefs and old patters of being that we have run for years. Our mindset, our thoughts, emotions and beliefs must be considered. One consult or one meal plan is not enough. This is about embracing a new lifestyle.  


My work and the reason that you are here is about creating lasting, sustainable, healthful, abundant change. It's about those images and dreams you have of your body and your life and realizing that they absolutely are possible for you. 


You are ready to dive push the edge of discomfort of old patterns, habits and beliefs of what is possible for you. You are ready for MORE. 

An abundance of health.






Wellness is our birthright. It is how we are meant to live. If you have dreams of something more for yourself, be that freedom from dis-ease, healing ailments, greater ease with food, achieving goals, then you are in the right place.  

I am sooooo excited and honoured to be your guide and mentor. I will help you remember the magic and potential that has always been inside of you. 

- Diane


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