Deep down, you know something needs to change...

You know there is more out there for you...

But you just can't seem to make it happen.

I've got a question for you.

That inner knowing that you are feeling, that pull to something bigger, that little voice inside that is dreaming of a healthier, more vibrant life...

Have you been paying any attention to this voice? Is it talking to you about your health? Your job? Your relationships?

Chances are that if you are reading this, you have been listening.

This is your intuition speaking to you and it KNOWS what you need. It may not make sense yet, but trusting this voice is a powerful first step into bringing your dreams into fruition.

But what to do with this message from within you, especially when it seems out of reach. Often this little voice inside has some big plans for us and those plans can seem so far away from where we are in the present that the path to get there is unclear. Sometimes the things that our intuition is pointing us towards seem completely unattainable and scary. Where to start? How to manage? How to stay on track?

The result? We turn away from our intuition, we stifle our dreams, we stay exactly where we are, stuck, unsatisfied, wishing for more.

Friends, this is no way to live.

If that dream is in you, it is for you!

Give yourself a pat on the back because if you are reading this that means you ARE listening to that little voice and you are taking that first action steps to following your intuition. This is huge! 

What part of your life are you trying to improve?

Are you frustrated with medications and side effects and seeking to manage a health concern or an ailment more naturally? 

Are you on a mission to lose some weight so that you can keep up with your family?

Are you just feeling tired, low on energy and uninspired?

Or perhaps you are looking to step into a new career or build your dream business?

The truth is that it doesn't matter what you are seeking, The ComplEAT Wellness Lifestyle Program WILL move you forward on the path you are seeking to achieve your dreams. Maybe you are asking how one program can assist in so many different ways? 

Well I'll tell you.

You are the one holding yourself back.

Here's a little secret....

You have everything you need to start this journey and live this dream that is in your heart. You truly do! If you can imagine it, it is there for you. The trick is overcoming the years of conditioning, limiting beliefs, mindset blocks and the over stimulated nervous system that through no fault of their own, keep us safe and there fore keep us stuck.

Most of us get started on this journey from a place of wanting something different, from a place of lack. It doesn't make any sense that you would be able to pour more into your life from an empty cup. What we typically don't realize is that if we can start to fill that cup back up again, we are able to pour fourth more into our own life and from this point, we can make drastic and powerful changes to any part of our world and step into our fullest expression of wellness, as defined and dreamt by us.

It all starts by truly understanding in your heart and soul that YOU ARE WORTHY!!!

Step out of your way and step into the

ComplEAT Wellness Lifestyle Program. 

The ComplEAT Wellness Lifestyle Program is an 8 week immersion in holistic practices that will amplify your intuition, give you greater physical vitality and a deeper connection to and understanding of yourself bringing your dreams within reach.

Regardless if you want lose weight, increase energy or make more money, what you put into your body sets a foundation for health and wellness and DOES impact everything else. It impacts how we feel and how we think and when we FEEL better we are willing and able to go deeper into other elements of wellness that might keep us stuck. This is where the EAT component of the ComplEAT Wellness Lifestyle Program comes into play.  

Once we establish some small manageable changes that you can make to your  nutritional foundations (and this will look different for each of you by the way), then we can dive into the emotional, mental and spiritual stuff that is the real reason why we are here. This is the meat of the program. This is where we will unlock the potential for you to take this 8 week immersion and turn it into a powerful journey that extends far beyond our 8 weeks together.

Without effort and commitment to this part of the process, nothing changes.

I have lived this journey.

Why me?

I could tell you about my formal education; two degrees, my high school teaching experience and 20 years of coaching.

I could list off my certifications in holistic nutrition, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, reiki, essential oils and hot stone massage.

Haha....I guess I just did.

But all of this would be mute in my mind, if I had not lived my own experience through pain, suffering, discovery, healing and growth. I created The  ComplEAT Wellness Lifestyle Program so that I could share all that I have lived and learned. This is the program that I wish I could have accessed when I was in my 20's searching for so many answers in so many aspects of my life.

I know what is possible for you because it has happened to me.  My guidance in this program stems from my life, my years of training and working with clients, and from my heart and the absolute knowing and trust that YOU CAN  DO IT!

What is included?

  • A 90 minute individual Initial Consultation to meet you and assess your nutritional and lifestyle needs

  • Specific diet recommendations based on your individual needs

  • Meal Planning instruction and Guide

  • Weekly group coaching calls to keep you keep you organized, motivated and on track

  • Personalized coaching to help you discover your blocks and what is keeping you stuck

  • Holistic SMART Goal Setting exercises and review

  • Mindset and mindfulness tools to address daily challenges and keep you on track

  • Access to my private Facebook group for additional nutrition tips, hacks and recipes

  • An Essential Oil starter kit that includes a diffuser and 10 essential oils to help you naturalize your home, address ailments, reduce toxic load and address mental and emotional challenges on your journey

  • A wholesale membership giving you access to natural products and supplements

  • Bonus video content and education on essential oils

  • Email and text access to me as needed to offer you daily support


What is your investment?

For only 3 instalments of $500.00 you can start living the life that you have been dreaming of.

OR save $300 when you pay in full.

Break it down.

That's only $21 a day.

Thats about the cost of your latte and take out lunch.

Thats the bottle of wine that you drink with dinner.

It's about the same as your daily pack of smokes.

This $21 a day is an investment in YOURSELF so you can shift the patterns that are holding you back and start living the life you were supposed to live, with energy and vitality and a deeper connection to YOU.

This, my friends, is priceless!

It's time to JUMP!

You've waited this long. Your intuition has been speaking to you and finally you are ready to listen.

Nothing will change until you do something different. Although the initial jump may seem scary, it is the hardest part and has you making a powerful statement to the universe and to yourself that you are committed to working towards whatever it is that you want.

How to sign up?

This program will be limited in numbers to ensure an optimal group coaching environment.

Complete the registration form below and I'll connect with you within 48 hours.

Upon payment, you'll receive access to intake forms (so I can get a better understanding of you and your needs), we'll book your first consultation via zoom.

Let's get going! I can't wait to meet you.

But what if........?

Here's a question for you. What happens if you don't jump? What happens if you keep stifling that voice inside that is telling you there IS more.

I will tell you.

You will stay where you are. You will keep hearing that voice and ignoring it and in doing so, you will be denying yourself that which truly is your heart's desire. You will keep reinforcing the notion that you are not worthy and you will continue to live in a place of lack.

You will miss out on growth. You will miss out on feeling inspired, driven and committed to your great purpose. You will miss out on feeling real vitality and health. When you think about it this way, staying where you are is a lot more frightening than taking that first leap forward.  

You CAN jump. You MUST.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

I've got you. 

YOU...the real, most joyful, healthy, amazing version of you is waiting and I am here for you. 

Fill out the form below and I will be in touch to get you started. 

Still have questions?

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