Feeling stuck and unsatisfied?


What is it that you are trying to shift within yourself?

Have you succumbed to the last year of pandemic eating and feel like you need to change some habits?

Are you feeling sluggish and tired?

Are you tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed

Are your relationships strained?

The last year has been an unprecedented one. Many of us have had a rough time with our health, mindsets and lifestyles. It has made many of us think about life differently. I was thinking the other day about how many people have been talking to me about 'spring cleansing' and wondered if perhaps it is because of these different times which have challenged us. It's as though we just want to wash it away.


As a side note, the process of cleansing can have great benefit for the body, but it is seldom done efficiently or safely and it rarely honours the holistic and interconnected nature of our body, mind and soul. 

In todays fast-paced world, we look at  'cleansing' as a means to a quick fix. We see something that we are unsatisfied with or feel that we are  deficient in or because of and we seek to just wipe it away. Regardless of what the change is that we are seeking, this is n

 Regardless of what the change is that we are seeking, this approach does not produce the change we are seeking.

RENEWAL is where the magic happens.

We will all step into this space for our own reasons. Some may be here because they are facing some significant challenges in their lives.

But, the truth of it is, that we don't have to be in dire straights to want something different. We don't have to be sick. We don't have to be depressed.

We are allowed to desire a shift just because it feels right. 

The magic actually happens when we can step into a place from desire, instead of because we think something is broken or needs to be fixed. 

We can invest in ourselves and step into a place where...

- We allow ourselves to be our number one priority. We NOURISH ourselves here. 

-  We open up to receive new information and knowledge so that we can RESTORE and RENEW our body, mind and soul. 

- We begin to acknowledging the hurtful stories and messages we repeat in our minds every day and instead begin to INFUSE our thoughts with love. 

- We leap into a group of like-minded individuals who are making the conscious choice to INSPIRE change in their lives from the INSIDE. 

- We REDEFINE our lives and RECONNECT with our soul's desires and purpose.

None of this happens because anything is wrong with us. We just get to decide to take this step for ourselves. From this place, we get to access limitless abundance in our lives. 

RENEW (1).png

I have felt the need to fix myself.


Why me?

I could tell you about my formal education and training in teaching, coaching and holistic health modalities. 

If you want to know more about that, just ask me. 

But what I would really want you to know first and foremost is that I have been sick. I have had 4 abdominal surgeries in 5 years. I have hated my body. I have been very mean to myself. I have worked jobs that wore me down. I have struggled financially. 

 As someone who defined their worthiness from outside sources, who strived for perfection and who eventually began working in the wellness industry,  I approached my challenges and struggles with the mentality that I needed to fix them.


I saw most things as deficiencies in myself and I dug and dug trying to make them change. 

Does this sound familiar?

I am here to tell you that the change you desire IS absolutely possible. But it does not start from a place where our focus is 'cleansing' out the bad or fixing what we see as broken.

Instead it begins in the place where we can see and love where we are and who we are.

We simply get to RENEW the best version of ourself.

We get to remember who we truly are. 


I know what is possible for you inside RENEW, because I have lived it.  

RENEW is 6 week journey in which you get....

  • Weekly group coaching calls

  • Pre-work in the week before start up

  • An optional 90 minute individual consultation where you can access personalized support

  • Spring Renewal Meal Planning Guide

  • A holistic starter kit of essential nutrients and my favorite essential oils to ehnance vitality...infusing the body with critical nutrients, enhancing digestion, reducing toxic load and supporting mind and emotion

  • A wholesale account for reduces cost and easy access to natural and safe products



What is your investment?

For only 3 instalments of $500.00 you can start living the life that you have been dreaming of.

OR save $300 when you pay in full.

Notice for a moment if you immediately start breaking this down in your mind.  

"That's only about $28 a day."

That's about the cost of a latte and take out lunch.

That's the bottle of wine that you drink with dinner.

It's about the same as your daily pack of smokes.

Why do we have to justify these investments in ourselves and compare them to material conveniences in our lives.

We are worth SO MUCH MORE than this!

This is an investment in YOU. 


Know on will ever value you as you desire to be valued, until you value yourself. 

You step into this investment for YOU so that you can stop the energy yo-yo, stop living in a place of deficiency and start infusing your life and renewing your spirit.

With this investment you say YES to finally shifting the patterns that are holding you back.


You say YES to RENEWAL...

to living the life you were supposed to live, with energy and vitality and a deeper connection to YOU.


This, my friends, is priceless!

Speaking about value and worthiness....

As an added bonus...

Because it fits in line perfectly with this process of RENEWAL and because I have seen how quickly the mindset work around money ripples into other areas of our life, you will also receive the pre-recorded version of The Wealth Passage for FREE. 

This is an additional $555 value. 

How to sign up?

This program will be limited in numbers to ensure an optimal group coaching environment.

Complete the registration form below and I'll connect with you within 48 hours.

Upon payment, you'll receive your program commitment form.

The pre-work will drop on April 19. 

Let's get going! I can't wait to meet you.


But what if........?

I get it. I know that wobble between fear and desire.

"I want to do this program. I feel like I need it. But....."

The 'but' stems from our fears, from our feelings of unworthiness and from other old beliefs that are programmed into our subconscious minds about ourselves and how the world works

They are beliefs. They are decisions. They are not truths. 


The thing is, that the renewal you are looking for is waiting on the other side of these fears. 

Here's a question for you. What happens if you don't step up for yourself? What happens if you keep stifling that voice inside that is telling you want a shift....that there is more for you?

I will tell you.


You will stay exactly where you are. 

The renewed sense of vitality, energy, purpose, joy, fulfilment, freedom and abundance that you desire will remain out of reach, but still waiting for you on the other side of your fears. 


In reality, staying where you are is a lot more frightening than taking that first leap forward.  

No more waiting to RENEW

The RENEWED,  infused, restored, revitalized, most joyful, healthy, amazing version of you is waiting.

I am SO excited to welcome you into this journey.

Fill out the form below and I will be in touch to get you started. 

Still have questions?

I completely understand. I like to speak to the people that I work with as well. Click the button below to schedule a free chat. 


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