Growing the Golden Lotus

A 3 Day Deep Dive...
Exploring the Solar Plexus as a gateway to healing digestive dis-ease

There were two things that really stood out to me when I first began exploring the Chakra system.

1) I had a disease that manifested in my belly (Solar Plexus) which was a part of my body that I had never been happy with and had criticized for most of my life. 

2) The characteristic emotions of an imbalance in the Solar Plexus were all things that I had struggled with. Confidence, self-esteem, will, doubt, fear of judgment, shame, fear. 


Within my Solar Plexus...were the energetic answers to  why I had gotten sick AND the pathway to healing not only my gut, but my heart and soul. 

This framework of understanding the Chakras started me on my healing journey and allowed me to grasp a deeper understanding of myself. It was such a gift. 

It is the gift that I desire to share in the Growing the Golden Lotus, Workshop.

A Mind-Body Appraoch to Understanding &
Over the 3 days we will dive into...
- the Chakra system with a focus on the Solar Plexus.
- understanding how this energy center shapes our lives, thoughts, feelings and manifestation of physical health.
- developing awareness, of patterns and beliefs associated with your current reality 
- guided exploration to bring about your own personal discoveries and new awareness

- Chakra balancing meditation
- additional holistic modalities supportive of balancing the Solar Plexus 
- lifetime access so you can revisit the information and exercises along your journey

The Specifics

June 28, 30 & July 2 via Zoom.
9:30 am (MST)

All sessions will be shared to a private FB group for replays if live attendance is not an option. 

$111 - payable through e-transfer or PayPal

Email me at to register or if you want to set up a time to chat. 

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