Guts & Soul 

 2 Day Workshop

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Are you living, or have you lived, with Irritable Bowel Disease?

Do you feel lost among the myriad of doctors appointments, invasive tests and heavy medications, lack of answers and 'one size fits all' model?


Are you struggling through the pain, recurring flares, uncertainty, insecurity and fear and wondering what your life will be like in the future?


I see you and I feel you. I know this story. 

I lived with aggressive Ulcerative Colitis from 2001-2011, at which point I elected to have a full Colectomy and was 'cured'.  During the 10 years that I spent living with this disease, in addition to all of the medical protocols I accessed, I dove heart first into the world of holisitic healing. When medical professionals could not explain why this disease had manifested in my body or why the meds wouldn't work, I turned inside and there I found my depleted, uncertain and heartbroken soul. I began to explore my thoughts, my subconscious beliefs and made a commitment to myself to allow my heart and soul to heal on a deeper level than the physical disease could ever touch. 

I decided that this painful, limited, fearful, life of dis-ease and limitation would not be my life. I desired to rewrite my story. 

I DID rewrite my story. 

I now have the life, the family and the career that I always dreamed of. 

This was, and continues to be, my journey and it is ultimately unique for me.

But it is not limited to me. 

Anyone who seeks to understand themselves, to ask the deeper questions, and to move more completely with love and trust in themselves and in the universe can access this same kind of healing and abundance. 

So if you are tired of...

- IBD running you life

- feeling hopeless

- feeling defined by your dis-ease

- focusing on the pain, bathroom trips, work and social life disruptions. relationship challenges and more

- feeling lost and uncertain

- feeling anxious, fearful and depressed

- feeling stuck in all of the limitations of your life

- confused about how you will ever live the life of your dreams with this disease

- feeling like there is something more for you but not sure how to get it


Then I can help you.


Welcome to the Guts & Soul Workshop 

This workshop is not about CURING you.

It is about starting the process of HEALING that happens on a much deeper level than your physical disease could ever touch. 

In this workshop we will...

- explore our concepts of self

- notice recurring thoughts that contribute to dis-ease

- explore subconscious beliefs that negatively impact health

- redefine how we nourish ourselves

- observe and reshape how we receive support

- discuss boundaries and our truths

- develop our understanding of Energetics 

- open channels for greater abundance (health, wealth and joy)

You could never be defined by IBD. Your soul is too brilliant. Everything you need to experience healing is already inside of you. I just get to help you find it. 



Investment - $55

Dates - June 9 & 12

Time: 10:00 am (MST)

The workshop will be hosted via Zoom.

Once you register you will receive a link to the call as well as access to a private Facebook group for access to the replay if required.

I would highly suggest making time to be on the workshop call in person as it will be interactive. 

I can't wait to meet you. 

Have some questions and want to chat? I'm here for you. 


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