A 6 month healing journey for those with Digestive dis-ease

Everything is happening FOR you. 

I get it if that statement triggers something in you. It can feel really hard to take this perspective when you are feeling sick, in pain, frustrated, scared and hopeless. 

But what if it was all happening for you and not to you? 

This energy certainly wobbled during my years with Ulcerative Colitis, but most times I was able to come back to this perspective that this was happening to me for a reason. There was some greater lesson that I was meant to extract. I was learning so much about my physical body, about what true self care looked like for me, about boundaries and most importantly about the deeper healing that was needed not only for physical healing, but in order for me to live the abundant life that I desired. So I just kept at it. 

Imagine the possibilities...

Fast forward to today.

The life I imagined for myself when I was struggling with my health and body IS my reality. 

I have been living, cured of Ulcerative Colitis and free of any complications or symptoms for the last 10 years.

I healed (and continue to heal) the wounded parts of my heart and soul and I re-coded the destructive beliefs and patterns I held that contributed to my illness. This not only was a part of healing my disease, but it was a part of healing my LIFE. UC was the mirror that showed me this work was needed. 

I am a Mom to two amazing, healthy kids and the wife to a loving and supportive husband. (Check out the video to hear more about my story and how my life has transformed).

And my work is a beautiful extension of my life.

It is my calling and my soul's purpose to guide and support those who are living with IBD, IBS and digestive dis-ease to experience the kind of transformation that I have.

It is all possible for you!


6 miraculous months of transformation.

The physical manifestation of your dis-ease has been building inside of you for years and years. It is buried inside your subconscious and is a story that has been on replay thousands of times every single day for most of your life.

It is going to take time and patience to peel back these layers.  

We don't want to feel rushed in this exploration. We want to be able to take our time and work on what is coming to the surface as it comes. 

This is why offer this 6 month containers. 

What does it look like?

This work is completely unique for each person and is based on individual needs. 

The long and short of it is we are going to heal your physical body with nutrients and we are going to heal your mind, emotions, and soul with guidance, curiosity, introspection and compassion. 

Generally speaking, these 6 months include...


  • Weekly one-to-one coaching calls. 

  • Daily access to me for support, inspiration, motivation, guidance, accountability (you aren't alone in this journey).

  • Education on supportive nutrition for all stages of health, digestive symptoms and flares (can include diet modifications, meal planning, supplementation).

  • Introduction to additional alternative healing modalities.

  • Consistent exploration of subconscious beliefs and patterns underlying your dis-ease.

  • My full commitment to you in guiding you on your powerful journey.

  • Access to all other programs I offer.

A mind-blowing Ripple Of Impact 

During the 10 years that I lived with UC, my internal driver was always that I wanted to be free of the physical symptoms and dis-ease.

In my heart, my deepest desire was to be cured. 

I fully understood 'being cured' meant that I would require surgery, which I was avoiding at all costs. 

But I still believed in the core of my being that somehow, someway I would be free of the disease. 

I didn't know how. 

All of the learning, personal development, healing work that I chose to engage in was all done in hopes of freeing myself from the disease. 

What I didn't understand then but see very clearly now, is that I had to work through my limiting beliefs, my unhealthy patterns and my feelings about myself in order to fully step into my power and allow myself to be cured. 

I had no idea that the work that I was doing to avoid surgery was actually leading me to it. Because it was my hearts desire. 

This is about more than a return on investment...

It is about the RIPPLE OF IMPACT that this work will have on your life. Everything you learn, everything that you uncover with me, every tear that you shed, every a-ha moment, every success, every moment will ripple out into your ENTIRE LIFE.

These changes will impact your relationships. your work, your energy, your vitality, your joy, your wealth, your vision.....

It may be the physical dis-ease that has brought you here, but know that you are here for more!

Trust that all will be made available to you as you take this journey for yourself.

Can you afford to continue living this way? 

I would have given anything to have this kind of support and guidance when I was struggling so much with my health. I feel like I learned through a lot of trial and error and I know a part of that is so that I can better guide others now. 

The work that we do together not only helps to diminish physical symptoms, it addresses the root cause of our suffering;  our conditioned thoughts and beliefs and our diminished sense of personal power, confidence and self love.  It's all connected powerfully and I help you navigate it so this dis-ease doesn't hold you back any longer. 

When we put this all together in a 6 month container and in this relationship, magic happens. 

I am so looking forward to meeting you. 

Let's connect and ask each other some questions so we can start figuring this out together. 

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