OCtober Promotions

Whether you are just getting started with essential oils or if you already have invested in your own wholesale account, there are promotions every month that can work for you. Check it out!


Place a 125 PV LRP before the 15th of May and receive a FREE 5 ml Clove

Essential Oil.

Clove oil is a unique and powerful option that you can utilize even outside the kitchen. Clove oil is a popular choice for adding spice to a meal, administering a warming massage, freshening your breath, improving oral health, supporting the immune system and more.

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 Known as the 'Queen of the Oils', Rose essential oil is knows for its ability to uplift and soothe the mind and emotions, to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and promote healthy-looking, radiant skin and believe it or not, for its powerful immune benefits. 

Enjoy Rose Touch at 15% off for the month of October!


Place any 200 PV order during the month of October and receive 4 products FREE!!!

- 15 ml Peppermint essential oil

- 10 ml Tamer essential oil blend

- 10 ml Calmer essential oil blend

DigestZen Capsules

Reach out to me to take advantage of this amazing deal.

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