November Promotions

Whether you are just getting started with essential oils or if you already have invested in your own wholesale account, there are promotions every month that can work for you. Check it out!


Place a 125 PV LRP before the 15th of May and receive a FREE 5 ml Nootka

Essential Oil.

Nootka Nootka oil is distilled from the majestic Nootka cedar tree of the Pacific Northwest. Its aroma, reminiscent of the forest, provides a clear and uplifting atmosphere to any indoor space. This remarkable essential oil is known for its cleansing properties for the skin and surfaces, and can lend a refreshing and energizing fragrance to any massage or skincare routine

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Black Spruce essential oil is sourced exclusively from Canada and is steam-distilled through inventively ingenious environmentally responsible and sustainable practices.

It is known for its surface cleansing properties that provide a number of possible uses around the home and in your daily self-care regimen and for its crisp, woody aroma. Learn more about the amazing properties of Black Spruce here

Enjoy Black Spruce at 10% off for the month of November!


It can seem overwhelming to get a clear, consistent plan for managing our health ailments and concerns. doTERRA has recognized this and has created the Targeted Wellness program to help us address our needs simply and effectively. 

Whether you are looking for immune support, relief from aches and pains or support with managing your mood and emotions, we have you covered. 

Learn more about the Support Collection.

Learn more about the Soothe Collection.

Learn more about the Calm Collection.

Get in touch with me to find out how you can get started living more naturally TODAY!

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