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As a past elite athlete and now parent, I value the life lessons that are learned through sport. 

As a past physical education teacher and volleyball coach of 20 years, I value the physical literacy and active lifestyle that sport promotes. 

As all these things, and also as a wellness specialist, I also understand the significant challenges that young athletes face in this system that often lacks a foundation in healthy eating and lifestyle, stress management and recovery and mental/emotional support. 

Is this resonating with you?


Who is it for?

This course was created as a comprehensive, holistic guide to enhance wellness and is geared to student athletes who:

  • have big dreams of playing at the next level

  • want to elevate their training gains and performance 

  • experience mental blocks and mindset challenges that hold them back

  • enhance their ability to manage stress in life and sport

  • experience more joy playing the game they love

What is included?

  • A 50+ page book that includes space to work and record personal insights, goals and content

  • Content that is specific and created for athletes between the ages of 13 and 18

  • 6 modules each geared to a holistic element of health

  • Foundations in nutrition - how much to eat and when for optimum performance

  • A deep dive into stress and how it impacts our health

  • Recovery and stress reduction practices

  • Mindfulness insights and practices

  • 6 group coaching calls via zoom

  • Access to me for additional one on one support as needed.

What is your investment?

A one time payment of $1200.00 or 2 installments of $750.00


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