You know that saying ‘health is wealth’?

I woke up this morning and it was like it slapped me in the face.

Health is wealth. I used to think of this saying in terms of being healthy was the greatest gift. It meant that if we were healthy it gave us the opportunity to really enjoy this life and with that came responsibility of managing our health and taking care of ourselves.

But now I see....Actually, in a much simpler form health IS wealth.

Health is energy.

Wealth is energy.

They are the same. They are abundance.They are energy. Having health doesn't mean we are wealthy. They are in fact the same thing. Health IS wealth!

How do we make ourselves physically healthier? We feed ourselves good food. We prioritize time to exercise. We give ourselves rest and time to restore and manage stress.

In order to do any of these things we have to invest in resources, time and space that allow us to access these things. We have to make ourselves a priority and put ourselves first and we can only start to do that when we feel that we are worth our own time, care and investment.

We need to feel that we, our own selves, are worthy of being cared for...even by ourselves. (If we can’t allow ourselves to care for ourselves, why would we ever let anyone else do it? Hmmm...maybe health is wealth AND love?)

We have to believe that we are so worth it that we would ask someone or even pay someone to watch our kids so we could go for a solo walk or to the gym. Just because. When the list of chores and errands is piling high, we have to know we are important enough to take a bath or rest instead.

Peel back the choices and decisions that you make each day and ask if you are showing yourself that you are important...dare I even say, THE most important thing/person in your world?

Can you receive? Do you believe that you are worthy, enough?

Do you guffaw when someone gives you a compliment?

Do you eat breakfast when you feed your kids or just eat the crusts off their toast when they are done?

Is “you shouldn’t have” a common reply when someone gives you a gift?

Can you spend $50 on yourself, or $100, or $1000 and feel amazing doing it because it’s for you? And you are worth it.

Health is wealth.

Wealth is health.

It’s all the same. It’s all energy.

Like health, our ability to receive wealth starts with a belief in ourself and that we are worthy of receiving it. We can use the analogy of loving ourself and building a relationship with ourself, but it makes more sense to me to think about our relationship with money or wealth like we would a relationship with someone else, like new love interest.

This new crush in your life...think about the fun of being in that new relationship. The doting, the excitement, the time that you crave to spend with them, buying them a special gift, those new relationship butterflies. That is like, THE best feeling! We want to be with this person. We nurture these new relationships, we care for them, we help them to grow.

But think about what would happen in this relationship if you suddenly started ignoring them, judging them, pushing them away, making them feel less than?

They would be confused. They would pull away. The relationship would fizzle and die.

THIS is the exact same thing happens with our health. It happens with money and wealth.

If you really look at your relationships, your work, your will probably see this in several areas.

It is an energy.

It’s an energy of lack, of less than, of not enough, of not deserving and not trusting.

Health IS wealth. It IS the same thing.

Throw everything else in there too.

It’s love. It’s abundance. It’s freedom. It’s joy.

It’s living how you were designed to live, from a place of appreciation and gratitude for the unique, amazing...the loving energy that you ARE.

Once we really start to understand and believe this, anything is possible for us.

But HOW do we start to shift this in ourselves when we've been in lack for so long?

Forget about how, just start.

Give yourself patience, grace and love.

Get curious about how you respond to situations and where your decisions stem from.

Get still and reflect on why you do certain things. Keep asking why.

Get brave and go deep and meet these buried feelings and tendencies where they are with So. Much. Love.

Welcome change.

Welcome lightness.

Celebrate every single tiny success.

Appreciate every moment of joy. Feel these moments so deeply that they bring you to tears.

Start asking yourself what you need?

Start listening.

Start noticing the things, people, opportunities that keep popping up for you. What are you being called to? Why are you not jumping at these opportunities?

Start trusting in YOU and in the energy of the universe. Start calling it all in by taking action for YOU.

Because YOU ARE health, wealth love, joy, light. Your are Infinite possibility and abundance. You are everything you need and more. It is all here for you when you start believing in you.

And if you need guidance with this, please visit where we dive into ALL of this. You are worth it.

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