I Would Help Them Fall in LOVE with Money

I never in a million years thought that I would be writing a blog post about money. I am by no means an expert in the world of finances, investments, funds, interest rates and budgets. What I am however, is an expert on mindset.

This post stems from my own experiences with money. Until recently I have always been intimidated by money. I’ve never felt that I was good with numbers. I’ve never felt that there was quite enough to pay all the bills each month. I would try my best to save but never seemed to get ahead. I acquired debt that seemed to keep growing and caused me immense stress. Needless to say that any thoughts of actually trying to budget, invest in a mutual fund or savings program or put my money somewhere that it could grow sent waves of intimidation and impossibility rippling through my mind and body. I had a belief that money is hard and scary.

These feelings of fear around money caused me to go into avoidance. I wouldn’t go to the bank. I avoided their phone calls. I saved what I could in my own little accounts but never even attempted to talk to anyone about how I could make my money grow because each time I set foot in an investors office or spoke to the bank on the phone, it was like they were speaking Greek to me. Uncertainty, fear, scarcity, lack, avoidance. That was my money story.

I know that I am not the only one out there who has felt this kind of fear and subsequent shame around money and finances. And if this resonates with you, know that you are not alone. There are so many of us who live out our existence in this place of lack around money and this just becomes our normal. We survive it. Knowing what I know now about mindset, and particularly money mindset, this all got me thinking about what I would do for my clients if I was a financial expert, ran a bank or an investment company or helped people manage debt.

I would help them fall in love with money.

If you aren’t already wearing this hat, pretend that you are someone who works in the financial industry in some respect. Just imagine for a moment, what your clients would be willing to invest if they felt confident around money. Imagine if you were able to help your clients to shift their mindset around money so that they could actually start to see their savings grow. What if you could help them to feel less fear when they paid a bill or looked in their bank account. Would they invest more with you? Spend more with your company? Think about what would happen in your business if people actually LOVED money and loved talking about money with you?

Here’s a question for if you are a financial specialist... Do YOU have a loving relationship with money?

Let me break this down for you in terms of mindset.

Have you ever heard someone use the expression, “filthy rich”? Have you ever heard someone respond that they would like to take you up on your offer but they have other bills to pay and it just isn’t the right time? How about, “that’s so expensive.” If you really pay attention to the conversations happening around you (even things you yourself say) you will hear this lack mindset come up all the time. These phrases are examples of how our limiting beliefs around money show up in our day to day lives.

Now I’ll just say, if you don’t have limiting beliefs that show up somewhere in your life, you are NOT normal. So if you work in the financial industry it’s safe to say that all of your clients will have some blocks or beliefs around money. Understand however, that our limiting beliefs are not deficiencies. They are simply a part of our human existence. Throughout our life, we have experiences that we take snapshots of and file away. These imprints may have come from something traumatic that you experienced as a child or young adult. Maybe you overheard your parents having a conversation about struggling to pay bills or how expensive your summer camp was. Or, it may have been something as simple as being raised by parents who worked really hard for their paycheck. These subconscious memories form our beliefs and it is these beliefs that cause us to take action (or non action) in our life. Many of us are not even aware that these beliefs exist for us and we certainly do not understand how they could be impacting our life and finances.

If I were a financial professional and I made money by helping my clients save and invest or even balance their own finances, it would only make sense to me to teach them about how our mindsets affect our finances and to help them uncover their limiting own beliefs. Because it is these beliefs that are impacting their decisions and actions around money. And let's be honest, this then impacts my pay-cheque.

Here is an example.

Someone who is constantly feeling like there is never enough money to pay the bills lives in a lack mentality. At some point in their life they learned that money was hard, that there was not enough and that if they received it, they needed to hold it tight. They most likely also have beliefs around their own value and worthiness or lack thereof and because of this have an inability to receive. This shows up for them as a lack of money.

What if, in your financial services, you offered your clients coaching and tools to help them discover their own limiting beliefs and understand how these beliefs are impacting their financial decisions. What if you could help your clients understand their true worth as a person; that they are worthy of receiving and that they are worth investing in. Think about how it would feel to sit down and work with someone who actually LOVED money; who loved playing with money, and who had worked through their blocks to feel happy and confident in their ability to manage money and have it move in and out of their life with ease. Ahhhhh.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I can’t tell you about interest rates and investment strategies, but I can tell you right now that in writing that last paragraph I get excited at the prospect of working with this person who loves money. It would feel light, airy, fun and full of possibility. I know this person who loved money and enjoyed talking about money would be willing to invest more with me than the client who was scared and grippy around money. Far and above how your business and earnings would increase, think about how much more joy you the financial expert would experience in your work day in helping your clients shift not only their mindset around money but financial challenges that had burdened them for years.

The burning question then comes up. HOW do you help your clients break through their money barriers and fall in love with money?

  1. You help them change their thoughts. This is the easy part and it comes with increased awareness.They start noticing what they think and talk about in terms of money. They get curious about their thoughts and then purposefully change them to something that serves them better.

  2. You help them change their beliefs. This is the more challenging part of the process because it means they have to be willing to look into what those subconscious beliefs are. This is also the part however that creates the most change, because it is their beliefs that cause them to act. If you want your clients to invest more, then you need to help them look at the beliefs that make it seem impossible for them to invest.

  3. You help them to elevate their energy. I won’t get deep into the energetics of money in this post, but I will just say that everything is energy. As my husband would say, “It’s just physics”. If everything is energy, then money is also energy and when it comes to energy, like attracts like. If our energy is low...if we are fearful, stressed and living in lack...we are not in a place where we can access greater financial freedom. On the other hand, when we feel good, when our thoughts are positive and when we see opportunity everywhere, the possibilities are limitless. We have to help them live in this high energy zone.

I am not an expert in budgets sheets, investments and mutual funds. What I am an expert in is holistic health coaching and mindset management and I can tell you with absolute confidence that when we explore, understand and change our mindset, amazing transformations take place. This applies to all aspects of our life and impacts all aspects of our expression of wellness. Our relationship with our finances and money is a huge part of this.

If I worked in the financial industry my goal wouldn’t just be to invest my client’s money or teach them how to set up a budget. My goal would be to truly open my clients up to the possibility of financial freedom, limitless wealth and money. My goal would be to help them fall in love with money.

Love and light,


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