RENEW...Rising Out of the Energy Blip.

I realized something the other day as I was going through a bit of an energy blip. (Side note...I’ve since realized that this blip came up after running two back to back coaching programs that I had poured myself into. Really, this energy dip was not surprising although I made it mean a whole lot more.)

The blip to me felt like a lack of motivation and a general feeling of doubt. I wasn’t sure what to do with my business. I got into my head. I started thinking that I couldn’t do it. I started doubting myself, my abilities and my purpose. What started out as a blip caused mostly by fatigue became a downward energy spiral and abundance leak. It wasn’t the blip itself that was the issue. It was that I made the energy shift mean something about ME. I moved into a place of lack within myself, and because I had moved into this lack space, I was attracting more of it into my life.

As things go and because I’ve been working on this myself, I have also been noticing this in a lot of my friends, co-workers and clients. When life presents challenges, or even subtler feelings of dis-ease, many of us quickly spin into ‘fix it’ mode. We dig and dig and dig into ourselves, overanalyzing everything as we go until we find the thing that we perceive to be wrong with us, or causing the problem. The challenge may actually have nothing to do with us, but we make it mean something about us.

Then, typically very abruptly, we set to work to ‘cleanse’ it or fix it. We jump into something, scrambling to create new habits from a place of desperation and self judgement. We criticise our bodies, our lack of motivation, our relationships and then claw our way through trying to change the situation, all the while continuing to degrade ourselves in our minds and when we look in the mirror.

I also see this in the fitness and wellness industries when spring rolls around and we hear much talk of ‘cleansing’. It is true, that a well executed cleanse has many benefits for our health,

but the reality is that most do not cleanse correctly or safely. Even this age old practice of cleansing has succumbed to the quick fix, results now vibe that permeates our society.

It’s spring so i’ll use the example of ‘cleansing’ because it runs rampant in the wellness world this time of year. It’s 2021 and we have been in and out of lockdown for over a year. You have eaten the things, exercised less, have had stress about your work and income and it has all added up to you putting on a few extra pounds. You just don’t feel happy in your skin. You turn every which way in front of the mirror checking out your thighs, but and belly and never really stop to notice how harsh and unkind the voice inside of our head is to yourself. So you decide you need to change. You are going to lose the weight. It needs to come off fast so you can feel better in your bathing suit this summer. You hit the health food store, grab a cleanse product off the shelf and set about ‘fixing’ yourself.

You follow the restrictive diet inside the box. You hate it, but you do it anyway because, want to look good.

Your cravings are intense. You have a pounding headache. You are going to the bathroom all the time. You just want to sleep but there is so much to do. But it's all good right?! Because that means it is working.

The 7 days of cleanse are over. You lost 7 pounds. You celebrate by binging on ice cream and wine and head to bed feeling guilty.

Pause for a moment here, because I spoke about how we make things mean something about us and I want to speak to this example of choosing a cleanse to lose weight.

We make the weight mean something about us. In truth, a few extra pounds has absolutely no bearing on the person that we are inside. But we deem ourselves to be less than because of the weight. It becomes a deficiency in us and it leaks energy and abundance causing our energy blip and downward spiral to continue.

Ouch. This is so harsh!!!

Don’t even get me started on the actual dangers of cleansing in this way. In truth cleansing is about upregulating the body's detoxification pathways. Removing some foods is necessary to truly create this optimal environment and to give our organs a break, but our focus should actually be on INFUSING the body with nutrients that it needs to safely and effectively rid toxins from the body and restore the organs to optimal functioning. This is why historically, ancient cultures would harvest nettles (which are extremely high in nutrient content) in the spring and drink tea and soups infused with the nettles. It was all about restoring the body’s nutrient and energy stores after a long hard winter.

When done correctly, cleansing should be done during a time of rest, so the body can do the work it needs to do to restore. This is seldom taken into consideration in our fast paced world.

We also fail to recognize the burden that toxic emotions, thoughts and beliefs have on our physical body and the manifestation of our physical health. ‘Cleansing’ should be done slowly and gently over a period of several weeks with an equal focus on renewing the body, the mind and the soul. But this isn’t what happens in our world these days.

Cleansing is the example I used, but this shows up in many ways for us. We force change out of dis-satisfation or because of something we deem to be wrong with us. We push our body, mind and soul into new and abrupt practices all the while continuing the barrage of negative and critical thoughts about ourselves. All of this exists in an energy of lack. We aren’t enough as we are and so we seek to ‘fix’ ourselves.

This is not the way to change. It simply doesn’t work. The energy of this is all wrong. We cannot create greater abundance in our lives when we are existing in a negative energy spiral. The abundance (joy, love, peace, gratitude) that we are trying to generate more of, is literally leaking out. It’s like trying to fill a bucket with water when the bucket is full of holes. The bucket may fill for a moment, with the massive influx of water we pour in, but ultimately the holes are still there and the water will drain leaving the bucket empty once again.

In this cycle of digging and efforting to ‘fix’ ourselves, when we come up empty again our confidence drops, our negative self-talk increases and so we continue in our downward spiraling energy blip.

What if we could shift this to have a completely different feel?

What if we could just accept that energy blips are a part of our days and lives? Sometimes they last longer than others, but they don’t have to mean anything about us as people. We are not deficient because we have a blip.

What if we could tune in to our bodies and intuition and recognize when it is time to give ourselves the opportunity to RENEW?.

What if we allowed ourselves to be our number one priority so that we could focus on the good food, rest, mindful thoughts and purposeful actions that would infuse our soul with more abundance?

What if these RENEWAL periods came about from a place of love for ourselves instead of from a place of feeling less than?

This my dears, is the energy that supports change. Recognizing the need to give attention and care to ourselves is not an energy blip, it is an energy surge.

It is from this desire to embark upon change from a perspective of abundance instead of lack that RENEW has been born.

There is nothing within you that needs to be removed or fixed. You simply get to decide that it is time for you to walk through a process of renewal. You get to decide because it feels good and you bloody well deserve it!

RENEW is a 6 week program to re-ignite your zest and energy in life.

We infuse the body with good food and nourishment.

We restore the mind and emotions with good thoughts.

We program new beliefs.

We remember our heart’s desires and our soul’s purpose.

It includes weekly group coaching sessions, an optional one-on-one session with me, a meal planning guide, a nutrient infusion and essential oils collection, guided meditations and visualizations, video content, journaling prompts and more.

Book your discovery call today to learn more about how you can embark on this journey of RENEWAL with us.

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