The Connection between Intuition and Digestion

Like me, you’ve probably uttered these expressions before.

“I knew I should (or shouldn’t) have done that,”

“I just had this feeling.”

“I had this feeling in my gut.”

For many of us, we really do get a feeling in our belly, usually around a decision or something that is transpiring in our world. Sometimes it’s a physical feeling. (Butterflies in the stomach is probably the most commonly referenced example of this.) Sometimes it feels more like a nudge. We have a momentary thought about something, a feeling comes up with it and then it might fade away. And for some of us, it is a powerful ‘hell yes, or ‘hell no’ that has no logical rhyme or reason. We just know it.

I’d like to introduce you to your inner compass, your inner knowing, your intuition.

Like me, you have also probably ignored these inner knowings and nudges. We decide instead to listen to the logical voice in our minds that tells us to do something else. This logical voice comes from our conscious mind which is the part of us that analyzes and decides and these are often the thoughts that run on a more conditioned compass. We do things because we should, it's expected, because it is the way it has always been done, it’s what is proper, logical, the smart thing to do and it avoids the threat of criticism or judgement. When we allow our mind to run the show, our intuition is quickly stifled.

On a deeper level, when we ignore these intuitive messages that rise from the very core of our being, our internal fire is diminished. The current running inside of us when we continually ignore our intuition and deeper truths is one of powerlessness. We don’t trust ourselves. We have no authority to make decisions for ourselves. Our confidence and self esteem are lacking. We fear being shamed and receiving judgment if we don’t take the expected course of action. We have little authority over our own lives and our will is broken.

Our seat of personal power lives in our solar plexus; in our belly. This energy center is connected to the ganglia of nerves in the gut and therefore is connected to everything else in the body. This is our very center. It is the softest part of our body and yet everything else rests upon it. When the fire and power in our bellies is diminished, everything else in our body collapses around it.

It is here that we can acknowledge a direct link between our intuition and our digestive health.

When we listen to our gut and the insights and nudges that we receive, we build belief in ourselves. We develop a deep trust with our own ability to know and take appropriate action in our lives because these insights are coming from our own truest knowing and not from our easily influenced minds. Our intuitive voice speaks our personal truth. And when we align with our truth and move with it, the heat and fire of our own power grows. With this fire, we digest.

When our internal fire is burning bright our seat of personal power is strong and so is our digestive fire. This fire allows us to efficiently digest and break down the food we eat which can then be absorbed and utilized by the body because our physical core remains open and connected to the rest of our body.

When we choose instead to ignore the voice rising inside of us, we stifle our internal flame. I liken it to dumping a bucket of water on a campfire. As the fire goes out, our digestive processes are also impeded. We lack the inability to break foods down fully and we experience more physical discomfort because of this. Grumbling tummies, stomach upset, feeling bloated or heavy after meals, constipation, nausea to name a few. If left unaddressed, as digestion is further hindered, the physical presentation of dis-ease can also worsen.

The interesting thing is that much like the intuitive messages we disregard, these physical feelings of discomfort are also messages of knowing from our body. They are alerting us that something is amiss. But as with our patterns of ignoring our intuitive voice, these messages from our physical body are also ignored and we seldom recognize the connection between the two. We have become so used to allowing our minds to run the show, we have forgotten the wisdom that lies deeper inside of us. What continues from this point if nothing changes is worsening symptoms, illness and dis-ease.

Unless, we start listening.

There is so much healing available to us when we listen to OUR truths.

What if the next time you had a gut feeling about something, you listened to it even if it didn’t make sense in your logical mind?

What if it didn’t matter if it made sense to anyone else, but you just knew that it was right for you and you trusted that and allowed it to guide you.

What if the next time you experienced discomfort after a meal, you removed what you believed to be the trigger from your diet for a while and trusted your own ability to support your body?

We have been taught to operate within a logical framework of 'shoulds' and 'shouldn’ts'. This started for us as young children and was reinforced by our parents, our teachers, our relationships and our work environments. It’s not normal these days to be the one to follow your intuition over logic. It feels uncomfortable. When we’ve been conditioned to seek approval and to avoid criticism, it feels downright scary. But in the end, it’s not our own personal truth. Our truth lives deep inside of us and our intuition speaks it. So does our body. Learning to listen to these powerful voices is an often disregarded element to re-igniting the fires of our digestive health.

Where do we start if listening to your intuition isn’t something you are used to?

You simply decide to start.

The next time you have a gut feeling about something, trust it.

The next time you have a little nudge before you act, heed it.

The next time your physical body responds to something, recognize it.

Even if it doesn’t make sense.

This is all just like starting a new exercise routine. It’s like a muscle that you start to flex and with practice, it’s power grows.

And with it, OUR personal power. Our fire within builds. We learn that we can trust ourselves and that we can make decisions from our own truth, not anyone else’s.

Our fire continues to grow.

We develop a greater sense of confidence in our own abilities and our self esteem flourishes. We recognize our worth is not tied to anything outside of us. We are worthy!

We recognize how we have acted in the past to avoid feelings of shame and judgement and we can start to heal this fearful part of ourselves.

We develop our seat of personal power and with it the ability to be and do from our own truth of what is right for us. THIS is power.

Living in alignment with our inner knowing not only lights the path to healing the emotional undercurrents of digestive dis-ease, it lights the path to living our best life as the most authentic version of ourselves.

I recorded a short video recently about my story of living with Ulcerative Colitis and the ah-ha's I had around the undercurrents of thought and emotion that preceded my illness. I also shared what happened as a result of my work to heal this wounded part of myself, to develop trust in my own inner knowing, my own personal power and worthiness.

I still sometimes can't believe how my life has transformed. My life is a testament to the power of this work. We just have to choose it for ourselves. Our body and intuition are already probably trying to tell us this. We just need to start listening.

If digestive disorders or dis-ease are a part of your story, or if you are simply interested in learning more about the how you can use the Chakra system and specifically the Solar Plexus as a gateway to uncovering limiting patters in your life, I invite you to join me the Growing the Golden Lotus Workshop.

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