The Ultimate 4 Week Energy Boosting, Weight Loss Program for Busy Moms.

We all arrive at this wellness discussion for different reasons. For me, it was aggressive Ulcerative Colitis that drove me to exploring nutrition as a solution for my ailing health. I learned quickly that what I ate had a direct impact on the state of my disease. As an unexpected side benefit when I removed harmful foods from my diet, I also finally lost unwanted weight that I had carried my entire life to that point. I wanted to know MORE. I wanted to understand what was going on on a deeper level and I wanted to be able to shift my diet as needed throughout my life as things changed, as they always do.

When I started my business consulting in nutrition, I thought that the bulk of my work would be in supporting people like me, who were struggling with chronic health issues and looking for diet and lifestyle solutions.

But that is not how it has gone.

To my surprise, there is a group of people out there who have a lot in common and who have been the most frequent visitors in my office. I am actually part of this group too. Typically, their stress levels are quite high. They all have one full time job in common (and when I say full time, I mean 24-7) but many carry additional jobs either in or out of the home. Typically they play a critical role in running the household. They manage the family schedule, events and appointments, they shop, they cook, they clean, they organize, they chauffeur and much, much more. Caregiving and nurturing qualities are ingrained in their DNA and yet they are also driven, competitive, hard working, motivated and seeking their own fulfillment in work and in things they love and are passionate about.

In particular, there are two things that I have noticed about this group of people.

  1. They sacrifice their own health in order to care for others and do ‘all the things’.

  2. They feel stuck, helpless, unable to change and sometimes even resentful of their family because their needs come second to everyone else’s.

To all the Moms out there, I am talking about you and to you. (Let me say of course that there are so many amazing fathers out there who certainly experience these same feelings and who also sacrifice for their family daily. I just happen to be speaking to the Mom group today).

I was pretty floored the first time that I heard a client tell me how angry it made her that she felt she couldn’t eat the way she wanted to or knew that she should, because of her family’s picky eating habits. She was tired of the fight.

I can’t tell you the number of times that a woman has sat at my desk nodding her head in agreement as I suggested some simple diet modifications and then sadly looked me in the eye saying she would try, but wasn’t sure how she would keep up with it with her busy schedule.

I will also tell you that I don’t like to focus my practice around weight loss. I believe that a focus on good quality food and a healthy and balanced lifestyle will support healthy weight for the long term and so I educate on creating healthy daily habits to support this. BUT, I will also tell you that the majority of Moms who sit at my desk tell me they are unhappy with the extra weight they have put on since having children. There are many reasons for this but the result is that they are more self conscious and much more critical of and negative in their thoughts about their own bodies. They want to feel good in their own skin again.

As a busy Mom of two, I can relate. I have navigated all of this in my own time and space. What has floored me though, is just how many Moms are dealing with this stuff. I had no idea until tired and frustrated Mom after Mom started coming to see me. It doesn’t sit well with me that my fellow Mommas are suffering and hurting.

All of this was the impetus for a Group Coaching Program that I am starting Monday, November 2nd. The Ultimate 4 Week Energy Boosting, Weight Loss Program for Busy Moms. Why a group coaching program? Well there are a few reasons for that.

  1. Community. We hear the expression, “it takes a village”, all the time, but usually in relation to our need for help taking care of others (namely, our children). But what if we created more space for taking care of ourselves and an understanding that the support of a community and of others who are working through the same challenges that we are is very powerful.

  2. Decrease Overwhelm and Increase Healthy Habits. Covering everything that I am going to cover in this program would be virtually impossible to do in one individual session. There would be too much information to send away and participants would leave feeling overwhelmed and probably more frustrated. This group format over 4 weeks allows me to provide HEAPS of information, spaced over a period of time, in a way that can help participants create small, manageable changes with ongoing support that lead to lasting healthy habits.

  3. A Holistic Approach. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of ourselves are deeply and completely interconnected. We could just talk about nutrition in this group, but it wouldn’t get any of us very far. We have to be prepared to look at ourselves with a holistic lens, understanding that everything affects everything else. So if we are working on weight loss, we need to look at food and exercise but also address stress, hormones, emotions, time management, mindset, support systems, expectations and more. This is how we make lasting change.

  4. Cost. I’ll be honest, this is a factor too. I want this program to be affordable and to give you massive value in terms of what you get for your dollar. My goal is for you to not need to pay me again for my services because you are able to continue on this path more independently and with a new found confidence in your abilities to give yourself what you need. If I was charging individual rates for all of this content, the cost would be prohibitive for many. I don’t want that. In this group setting I can keep costs lower and give more value than I could one on one.

Each of us have this powerful inner knowing about what we need. Call it intuition if you like. Perhaps you notice it as something that you are drawn to. Perhaps it is a recurring thought about something you would like, or feel you should do. Perhaps it is telling you something that sounds so crazy, but it just keeps popping up in your mind. Most of us get very good at shushing this voice because it often brings up thoughts or feelings that we aren’t sure we are ready for.

So, you’ve read this far. Why?

I will tell you. Because something inside of you is ready for a change. That voice, your intuition, is calling you. It is trying to alert you to something that it knows you need, on a deep, deep level. I would encourage you to trust this voice for you know yourself better than anyone else ever will.

Need some reassurance?

Here is what you get in this program.

  • Weekly meal plans complete with grocery lists, recipes and prep guides to keep you organized, excited and on track. (4 weeks total).

  • Weekly group coaching calls to set goals and direction to keep you moving towards your goals.

  • Access to a private FB group where you’ll find your village and receive all the extra goodies, tidbits, resources and ongoing mindset and mindfulness hacks you’ll need along the way

  • Individual access to me via email or text anytime you need some additional guidance.

All of this is yours for only $199.00.

And as a gift to get you started I’m also including a Recipe Book that I designed specifically for busy parents. I usually charge $50.00 for The10 Ingredients in 20 Minutes - Fast, Healthy Dinners for Busy Parents Recipe Book but am giving it to you FREE when you sign up for my Ultimate 4 Week Energy Boosting, Weight Loss Program for Busy Moms by Saturday, October 31st.

I would love to hear from you. Let me know what you are considering. Throw your questions my way and I will be happy to help you understand if this program would be a fit for you. Email me at Or if you are ready to dive in, head over to to register.

Love and Light to you, my fellow Mom.

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