Your Money Beliefs are Keeping You Stuck

The beliefs hidden in our subconscious minds really run the show when it comes to how money feels in our life and how it does or does not show up. Most of the time, we don’t even know these thoughts are there. This is why so many of us feel so stuck around money; because it is our beliefs that cause us to take action or non-action in our lives. When our beliefs are rooted in fear, stress, scarcity and hardship, well, this isn’t a place that too many of us step into willingly.

This shows up in so many ways

  • We are afraid to look at our account balances.

  • We are afraid to set a budget.

  • We feel stress every time we pay a bill

  • We carry massive weight, stress and shame around debt

  • We avoid the bank

  • We avoid talking to people who work in the financial industry for feel of feeling stupid

  • We don’t ask for more because we feel less than

We end up doing nothing and staying stuck.

In addition to our subconscious holding beliefs that keep us acting in the same way, our nervous system is also wired in a way that keeps us frozen around money.

Regardless of the reality of our situation with money, (maybe we actually have a lot of it) if we feel stress around it or if it is scary to us, our sympathetic nervous system fires. We are moved into ‘fight or flight’. Our natural, genetically ingrained response to stressful events is to run in the opposite direction, freeze and do nothing or fight. The majority of us land in the ‘run away’ or ‘freeze’ end of things when it comes to money stuff. We avoid talking about it, looking at it, planning for it and we continue instead to stay frozen doing the same things we have always done and our vicious cycle of lack continues.

So you can see how for the average Joe or Jane who lives pay check to pay check, has no retirement savings or emergency fund, who struggles to pay off debt, who is stressed to the max about money and who carries unknown beliefs about money being hard and scary, avoidance, non action and denial might be the most comfortable place for them to hang out.

Nothing changes here. And this cycle will most likely continue for their children as they take snapshots of experiences and build beliefs of their own that they take forward into their lives.

Most of us think that in order to change their financial situation, they need to earn more money. Sometimes this is indeed part of it. But even then, the beliefs and fear patterns will still remain and will still impact decisions around money even when there is more of it. What needs to happen first is for us to take a deeper look inside at our beliefs and fears around money. Until these things are addressed, the end result will still be the same decisions and actions that got us stuck in the first place.

So imagine this. Imagine a space where individuals were coached on how to finally see the beliefs in their subconscious that were negatively impacting their finances. What if for the first time they could understand themselves on a deeper level without feeling any judgement or shame and finally get clear on why they make the money decisions they do? What if inside this space they could learn how to recognize and love these beliefs and begin to change them? What if they didn’t feel so much fear and anxiety about paying bills? What if they could drop the stress around debt? Even writing this has a different feel to it! It is one of possibility, positivity and motion. This is where change happens. This is exciting! Understand that for someone who has always carried stress around money, replacing that with excitement and opportunity is absolutely LIFE CHANGING!

And to double up on this, our nervous system response would play out differently as well. When our first response to money conversations, account balances and debt shifts from one of fear and anxiety to one of belief, trust and gratitude, our ‘fight or flight’ response doesn’t put on the brakes either. We feel capable, hopeful and relaxed. As a powerful side benefit, the physical impacts to our health are also massive as we reduce this chronic stress response, cortisol production and the body wide changes that carry negative health impacts. Also life changing.

So many of us who are feeling powerless and stuck around money continue to look to the banks, advisors, new earning potentials to provide us with some hope. Maybe we are waiting for the lottery or for someone to save us (also a subconscious belief). Where we actually need to look is inside ourselves. We have all of the answers that we need, we just need to find them. Once uncovered, understood and changed we WILL move in a new direction with money. Money won’t move in the same way for us because we won’t be the same. We will ask for the raise. We will move money differently in a way that makes better financial sense to us. We will ask questions and look for support with confidence and belief. But all of this starts first with addressing the root cause of WHY we are stuck. We have to first look at what we BELIEVE.

If you have read along this far something is hitting home for you. So I have a question.

What would it be worth to you if this could all change in a mere 2 weeks?

How much value and impact would that have in your life, now and in the future?

This is what we do inside The Wealth Passage.

Get in touch with me to find out if you would be a good fit for The Wealth Passage.

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