Let's do this!

I am a people person. I value relationships and connection. 


I can't wait to get started with knowing the real you. I want to hear your story and to know you as a person. I want to help you figure out what is holding you back and to help you find your own unique path to wellness.

Whatever your wellness needs are, I have you covered. 

Group Programs & Courses

I create all of my group programs and courses with the intention of making lasting change in your world that puts you on a path to your dreams.

Learn. Practice. Shift. And repeat.

In this format I give you my  knowledge and content, connect with you through individual and group settings  and offer ongoing support, while you have freedom to work at a realistic pace for you. 

These programs have MASSIVE value. 

Take a peek at all that is included in the ComplEAT Wellness Lifestyle Program that starts on Monday, January 25th.

One on One 

While my group programs offer immense value, One on One Coaching gives you so much more. This is where we really dive in to YOU and your specific and unique needs. Let's look at you as the big picture. What is it that you want? Where are you now? What is holding you back? What do you need to change and HOW to create the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health you desire.

I can't wait to hear your story! 

I love presenting!!!

Wellness seminars and education will  be best suited to those working with a group and wanting to inspire health and wellness within that community.

  • Professional development seminars

  • Personal development to enhance productivity at work

  • Managing mindset blocks in the workplace

  • Wellness curriculum and presentations for school groups 

  • Wellness for student athletes in sport groups and teams  


When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

- Dr. Wayne Dyer

Have questions about where you should start?