Online Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

For healthy, sustainable, feel-good change. 


Change doesn't happen overnight.


For healthy, sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes to take root, it takes time. This is why I specifically work with clients who are ready to commit to a minimum of two months together.

In this time we get to address body imbalances and nutritional deficiencies, make adjustments to eating patterns, utilize supplementation (if required) and shed light on the underlying subconscious beliefs that have kept you stuck in the past. If you are experiencing specific health ailments, want to feel better in your skin again or simply want to develop a healthier relationship with food, these month long coaching containers give us space and time to uncover the root cause of your challenges and heal them. 

All month long contracts include:

- 90-120 minute initial consultation - we go deep into your goals, current nutritional patterns, lifestyle, whats holding you back and more

- Nutritional Symptomatology Assessment - to identify possible body imbalances

- Food, nutrient and toxicity testing (test is extra but review of results and integration into nutrition planning is included). 

- Weekly coaching calls - for accountability and ongoing support

- Meal plans or recipe guides - unlimited for the duration of your contract

- On demand support - you can access me anytime 

**Two month minimum commitment

If you are curious about what this container would look like for you as an individual, then book a discovery chat below. 

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