Because healing happens when our soul and life are aligned.

My Powerful First Experience

The first reading that I ever experienced was at the end of my first ever Reiki session. I was in my 3rd year of teaching high school, my Ulcerative Colitis was raging despite my best efforts to manage in both naturally and medically and I was questioning everything in my life.  

How was I supposed to keep living like this?

Why was I still so sick?

How was I supposed to keep working this stressful job?

How was I ever going to be healthy enough to have a family?

What was the purpose of this all? 

I felt lost and helpless.

The card that I pulled at this Reiki session was entitled WORK (seen on the right). It's message described working at what I was 'really' here to do. It was about combining all of my knowledge and gifts on both the physical and spiritual planes and utlilzing them both as a means of earning a living. 

It told me that if I was not sure what I was 'really' here to do, then I should simply take action and the rest would follow. It also relayed the message that  I was on the right path and that everything was in proper balance. 

My mind was blown. I erupted in tears on the table. It was not long after pulling this card that I requested a year of absence from my teaching career, began a yoga teacher training and enrolled in a Holistic Nutrition Program.  

I stepped into my 'real' work


Path of the Soul Cards...What are they?

Each card contains it's own Fractal Art or Energy Art. Each image is intuitively created and its energy can be felt by those who are sensitive to energy. All energy contains information and so if we allow ourselves, we can receive and interpret that information. Fractal Art also helps move energy in space so during times when we feel stuck using these cards helps to raise our own aura's vibration and allow us to shift in a new direction and with a new awareness.  

Each card contains its own message and meaning but we can also use the fractal images to assist us in developing our own intuition and wisdom. By taking a moment to focus or perhaps meditate on the image on the card we can receive powerful messages from our own inner knowing which may have been previously suppressed. 

Everything is energy and when we draw a card, something in our energy field has drawn that card to be seen by us for a reason. These cards reveal our destiny and aid us in receiving guidance that will support us on our journey. 

The Evolution of Readings

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Long before I ever considered doing readings, I would pull cards for clients at the end of their nutrition consultations. With a deep rooted belief that our health and nutrition challenges are actually lessons for us, pulling a card at the end of a session was like an energetic affirmation for them that they were on the right track.

Many times I would not understand the card that I pulled but I knew it wasn't for me. The cards were for them and the ah-ha's and affirmations received in those moments were so beautiful to witness. 

I realised the power in the messages and that I can share it. 

Soul Path Card Reading Options

Readings can be done online via Zoom (approximately 45 minutes) for those who want to see the spread in person and engage in the conversation around it.

Email Readings are also a thing!

If you are more interested in receiving the message and then allowing your own intuition to guide you deeper, then this is a fantastic option for you. You are also then able to keep the message to reference back to later. 

See below for options and pricing. (Options to pay via e-transfer or Paypal)

Soul Path Spread

Zoom $44  |  Email $22

This 5 card spread provides a general overview of our soul's path. It is idea for those who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of lessons being learned both earthly and spiritually. 

Guidance Spread

Zoom $33  |  Email $17

This is a 3 card spread that assists us in receiving answers from spirit when we are feeling uncertain and stuck. 

How to Get your Reading

When you are ready to book your reading, either via Zoom or by email, simply  head over to my Contact Page. Please fill in the the form provided and indicate in your message your preference for a Zoom or Email reading.

I will respond within 24-48 hours to confirm. 

In your message, please also include a question or statement around something that you are seeking grater clarity on. I like to bring this forward for you when I draw the cards. 

If you have any questions what so ever, email me directly at

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