That thing you wanted that didn’t happen… That thing you felt was stolen from you… Rest ea

When was it that life in general started to feel so hard? 

Do you remember what it felt like to feel totally comfortable after a meal?

Do you remember how easy your days felt before managing your ailments took over your?

Do you remember what it was like to move pain-free from task to task? 

Do you remember when it was that cravings for certain food and drink began to feel uncontrollable?


Do you remember when you started to shame and criticize yourself for feeling this way?

Do you remember when it was that you started saying no to yourself because your list of 'shoulds' and to-do's trumped your own desires and needs?

The heaviness of this reality often comes on slowly and then all of a sudden we find ourselves living a life that feels hard and ultimately, is not what we imagined for ourselves. 

We desire to feel more FREEDOM. 

When we decide we are ready to feel differently and return living the life of freedom and ease (which is absolutely available to us) we must recognize that our current experience is not only a physical one. Our thoughts, memories, emotions, conditioning, deeper subconscious beliefs and interactions with the world around us have all contributed to the reality that we experience now.

Things change when we change and to do that, we have to look at ALL of us. 

Sweet Freedom is a 6 week program where we shift from feeling stuck to living with greater ease and freedom in body, mind and soul.


Here's how we do it. 

Healthy Salad
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We follow a specific eating strategy to heal the  intestinal lining which increases nutrient absorption and reduces ailments. This strategy also helps balance blood sugar, reducing cravings.

Recipe Guide included.

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Thoughts & Feelings

We increase our awareness of the many thoughts and feelings we experience each day and how they cycle and how they impact our health. 

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As the root of all action and decision, we explore  subconscious beliefs to help us understand what is keeping us stuck. When we can finally see what is holding us back, then we get to change!

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Energetics & Human Design

Everything is energy and expanding your understanding of your own energies and those around you is fundamental to healing. We also explore Human Design as your unique blueprint to our greatest alignment. 

What's included?

6 weeks of expansion

6 training videos sent directly to your inbox

Weekly group coaching calls to celebrate wins, address challenges and connect with like minded individuals. 

A 60 minute on one consultation with me so we can go deeper into your individual needs

The Sweet Freedom Recipe Guide - Includes 50 recipes specific to our Sweet Freedom eating strategy

A Release Ritual Kit - includes a Reiki and essential oil infused candle, instructions, bay leaves, palo santo wood and crystal

Make this change for you, OR change with a partner.

I want to put your mind at ease. Making changes like this for yourself, does not mean that you have to leave your loved ones behind. This is a very real and quite limiting fear that we possess when we feel called to make changes in our lives. You don't have to lose anyone. In fact, your commitment to yourself and the growth you experience will ripple into their lives as well. You will witness them change. 

But what if you didn't have to worry about leaving them behind because you could evolve WITH them.

Following a similar eating strategy simplifies food preparation.

You get to help keep each other on track.

You get to support each other through the successes and challenges.  

You get to witness them step into a new level of understanding for themselves and YOU will understand them on a new and much deeper level than ever before. 

Your  chosen 'Partner' in this growth could very well be your spouse or life mate. 

It could also be a parent. It could be a sister or brother, or even a great friend. 

You decide. 

Deciding to make changes for ourselves is immensely powerful. 

Deciding to make changes with someone we love is LIFE CHANGING. 

The investment

For individuals...
A one time payment of $777
The one on one can be scheduled as soon as payment is received and can happen anytime prior to or during the program. 

For partners...
A one time payment of $997
One on ones can be scheduled as soon as payment is received and can happen anytime prior to or during the program. 

I can't wait to meet you, to hear your story and to witness you live with more freedom in your life. The life of ease, enjoyment and prosperity you are dreaming of is absolutely for you!

Let's go!

Feeling unsure?

I totally get it. Some of us are ready to jump and others need to ride the waves of all the emotions around decisions. 

Let's chat and we can figure out what is holding you back and work out a solution. 


Freedom is the oxygen of the soul. 

- Moshe Dayan

Copyright Diane Johnson Wellness Consulting 2021
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