A 3 Month Nutrition & Lifestyle Mastermind for Women

I've been imagining a space of transformation for women who are tired of feeling stuck...

 Stuck in their bodies. 

Stuck dealing with health issues and ailments that have been bogging them down for years. 

Stuck in their habits and routines.

Stuck in their LIVES.

...and who are tired of guessing and stressing about food.

Tired of feeling like food is always a struggle. 

Tired of cycling through periods of motivation and returning to old habits. 

Tired of trying to navigate all the nutrition info floating around there. 

Tired of guessing which foods actually work for their body.  

Stuck in feeling like there has to be something more out there for them. 

Tired of feeling like they don't know where to start.

But here's the thing.

Nothing changes until we change. 

And one of the most powerful changes we can start with is the energy we put into our life.

So, are you focused on where you are?

Feeling stuck and stressed?



Instead, can you lean into the energy of excitement that rises when you imagine what could be possible for you?

The freedom you could experience in your life? 

Can you sit with and IN the energy of your dream?





















You get to hold the energy of your dream longer than you have before!!!

When we can hold the energy of a dream longer, we give it time to manifest in our reality. 

Our energy stays high. 

Our focus stays rooted in possibility. 

We see the opportunities that come our way. 

And we are consistent in taking inspired action moving us towards our dream. 

In FED & FREE, you aren't holding this energy alone. 

A group of motivated, like-minded, determined women will be holding space with you and FOR you. 

Supporting you. 

Reminding you. 


And with 100% certainty, you will learn that you too are inspiring!

THIS is the mastermind space. And it is MAGICAL!

In addition to aligning with other powerful women,

you won't have to feel like you are guessing about food anymore!

Years of hearing that we should eat a 'healthy' diet has left us confused about what healthy really means for us as individuals. 

The truth of it is that one particular eating strategy will not work for everyone. 

We are too wonderfully unique and complex.

We get to honor and embrace this!

One of the defining features of FED & FREE is the inclusion of a food sensitivity test, using hair analysis. 

The collection is simple, pain free and the results are delivered quickly to your email inbox. 

Your results will give you specific information about the foods that are working for YOU. 

And the foods that are not. 

The test will also indicate any nutrient deficiencies that you have and any toxins present in your system.  

No more guessing about food. 

You will feel empowered and confident that you are choosing foods that truly nourish YOU. 

And I will help you navigate your results and create a plan that fits for you!

Fed & Free is a program unlike any other.
Here's what you get!

- 3 months of individual support, group coaching AND mastermind action

- Your individual food sensitivity test 

- A 90 minute one on one consultation to review your test results and your goals and to create a feel-good plan for you to eliminate foods you are sensitive to and strategically reintroduce them over the next 3 months

- Weekly group coaching calls

- Meal plans and Recipe Guides

- Access to a private FB group for replays and ongoing inspiration 

- Connection and community with a group of women, all working on their own process, inspiring each other. 

Fed & Free (3).jpg

This is an investment in yourself, for yourself. 

A one time payment of $2555.

Or 3 equal payments of $888.
Once your first payment is received, the next two payments will be requested on the first of the month, unless otherwise discussed. 

Want to Chat?

You absolutely get to investigate all of your options. It's a part of your dreaming process. 

I would love to hear your story and help you figure out if this is really the right space for you. 

Freedom is the oxygen of the soul. 

- Moshe Dayan

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