Our journey with Irritable Bowel Disease is unique ...

"Diet has nothing to do with your disease."

Said to me point blank by my GI after I had worked up the courage to ask him if he could fill out a tax form so that I could get a rebate for the restrictive yet life transforming diet I was embracing to manage my Ulcerative Colitis. 

WHAT?! But it's working. In fact at that time, diet was the only thing that was working. I was so confused and frustrated. 

"You never consider surgery. EVER!" 

Said to me by a Naturopath as sat crying in his office. I had just asked him if surgery was something I should consider given the fact that nothing was working to stop my flare. After 11 years of learning and exploring I felt like I had literally tried everything to manage my disease. I didn't understand how someone in his profession, who valued the uniqueness of all people, could say this to me. 

"Diane, you look amazing!" Said to me by more people than I can count after I lost 40+ pounds from being the sickest that I had ever been in my life. I had always struggled with my weight. Was being sick the only way people would see me as beautiful?

It has taken time but I hold nothing but compassion in my heart for these people and their voices. Not only did they help me to clarify my philosophy about wellness and healing, I know their comments struck chords in me because they made me look at the deeper levels of healing that I needed to do.

Honoring my uniqueness. 

Speaking my truth.

Trusting my own intuition and 'gut'.

Developing curiosity and releasing judgment around the parts of myself where I felt less than. 

Uncovering my true desires and purpose. 

Learning to love myself. 

I will forever be grateful for what I received from the traditional medical system. My physical body needed it. 

But my soul, my heart, my mind and my emotions needed a deeper level of healing and it was the holistic modalities and personal deep-diving that healed and continue to heal all the layers of Me. In truth, my physical body needed that healing to happen too.  

One thing I know with 100 percent certainty is that what happens with our body is absolutely connected to all other parts of us. 

The dis-ease can expand you.

I know all too well the challenges, fears, pain, frustrations and more that are experienced daily when we live with IBD.

I have lived all of it. 

But I also know that our disease can not define us unless we allow it to. 

I know that healing our body IS possible.

I know that 'healing' does not just mean ridding our body of inflammation or recovering from a flare.

I know all of this because I have lived it. 

IBD, in all its hardships, can expand us.

Despite feeling completely helpless and hopeless, we get to decide how we our lives take shape, including illness and vitality. 


I totally get it if you are reading thinking, "F You lady!....You don't think I want to be rid of this disease? That I tell myself every day that I want to get better?!" I was there too. 


But in truth our thoughts and our beliefs are so powerful that they can actually create illness. They are also so powerful, that they can also shift it. 

The challenge is that 95% of these thoughts and beliefs that create our reality run on autopilot below the surface. Most often, we don't even know they are there.


I know this too, because I have lived living it. 

This is The Journey Inside  

I fell in love with this journey. With the learning and the discoveries. 

I practiced.

I studied

I learned.

I fell in love with myself and into the life of my dreams....a beloved marriage, two children, the career of my dreams.

...The LIFE of my dreams

I know my purpose is to serve those who are open to discovering their own journey through this disease. . 

When you join me for The Journey Inside this is what you will receive. 

  • A 5 week container to share learn and grown with other like minded individuals navigating UC 

  • Weekly group coaching calls (recorded if you can't make it live) 

  • A 90 minute One-on-One deep dive with me (optional) 

  • Holistic Nutritional support and education

  • Exploration of mindfulness, meditation and vizualization practices

  • Access to a private FB group for additional content and support during the 5 weeks

  • Weekly trainings to guide you through the limiting (gateway) beliefs that have contributed to your dis-ease

  • All of my love and support

Your Investment in yourself is...

A one time payment of $555.00