Do you constantly struggle with money?

Do you feel constant stress and anxiety around money?

Do you constantly struggle to have enough to pay the bills?

Do you feel shame around your financial status and debt?

 Do you have feelings of guilt around spending?

Do you avoid talking to your partner about money?

Do you avoid going to the bank or talking to professionals about money because you feel less than or stupid?


 Do you have hundreds of thousands of dollars saved away and yet you still feel stress around money? 

We all  have a relationship with money and for many of us and regardless of how much we earn, this relationship is not a positive one. 

What if you could reduce the struggle and start  improving your financial status in just 2 weeks?

What we believe about money is the root cause of why we are stuck and stressed about money.

We take action, or non-action around money based on these beliefs that we hold.

When we change what we believe around money, we start acting differently with money and THIS is what creates actual physical change in our financial status.

After 11 years in the Wellness Consulting industry, I have realized the massive lack of support for those struggling with their financial wellness. (Struggling with financial wellness doesn't mean you are broke).

Now more than ever, there is a need for a path forward from financial hardship and stress.


Despite believing that this financial freedom starts at the bank or with a higher paying job,

it actually starts inside of us.

If you are tired of...

- struggling to pay bills month to month
- feeling shame around your financial struggles and debt
- avoiding the bank and financial advisors like the plague
- not being able to talk about money with your partner
- feeling guilt around spending
- feeling constant stress and anxiety around money
- feeling hopeless


I can show you a new way forward. 

Welcome to The Wealth Passage 

Through working through my own limiting beliefs around money and through partnering with industry leading professionals on mindset and money mindset, I have created a program designed to get to the root cause of our money struggles so we can finally change our money reality.


It works! And it works fast!

I know, because I have done it. 


For those who commit to do the work on themselves and for themselves, a new, prosperous financial reality is possible.

money mind (3).png

When you enrol you will...

- develop a new understanding of money 
- understand what you actually believe to be true about money and wealth
- understand how these beliefs are keeping you stuck and blocking you from receiving more money
- release fear, stress and anxiety around money
- finally feel ease, confidence, possibility around money and your financial health
- finally move yourself towards financial freedom

Quite possibly the most valuable aspect of this program is the shifts you will see in other areas of your life when you work on your beliefs around money.

Here is what is included. 

- 2 weeks worth of content and coaching inside the private Wealth Passage FB group

- 6 live conversations to help you see your limiting beliefs around money, create clarity around feelings of scarcity and debt, raise your energetic vibration and understanding of abundance and nurture a more loving relationship with money

- daily journaling prompts, exercises and activities to keep you working on and shifting your money mindset

- lifetime access to the group so that you can revisit this work as you continue through your Wealth Passage

Your investment is...


Or two payments of $277.50

Get started today!

I can't wait to see you on the inside!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell or are you affiliated with any financial products or services?

No. I do not sell any financial products nor am I affiliated with any products or services. I am the person you need to speak to before you speak to your financial planner or bank. Why? Because the root cause of why you are constantly struggling and feeling stress around money lies inside of you in the form of your beliefs. I help people change their beliefs so they can change their relationship with money. 

How do I invest in The Wealth Passage when I'm struggling with money as it is?

Investing in yourself when money is a struggle feels icky and scary. You don't know how it will work, because you don't have enough to afford it. You worry about the bills. You feel guilty for spending money on yourself. You might not even want to tell your partner that you want to take the program.

I know exactly what this feels like because I went through the exact same thing! 

Here is what I can tell you. 

Nothing will change until you do something different. 

You need some help to understand the WHY behind your constant struggle with money. We can't always see these things on our own. It's like trying to read the ingredients from inside of the jar. It doesn't work. 

So the question really should be, how could you NOT invest in The Wealth Passage. 

The reality is that what you can't afford to stay stuck where you are, doing what you have always done, because it isn't working for you. Or you wouldn't be here. 


Do you have any guarantees this will work?

I guarantee that you will have my 100% effort, attention and focus during this program. 

I can not guarantee that you will show up to do the work that you need to do in order to experience change. 

BUT, I guarantee that IF you choose to invest in yourself and step up to the plate to do the work, you will experience change that will move you forward in your life. 

If I can do it, YOU can do it!

Let's figure out if this program is really for you.

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