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A wellness community, communication hub & resource center for student athletes, parents and coaches.

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The Answer to a Disconnect in Youth Sport 

Regardless of our role in youth sport as the athlete, the parent or the coach, we generally share common beliefs about the value and life long positive physical and mental benefits of the youth sport experience.

Sadly 'wellness' is not the reality that many athletes, parents and coaches are experiencing through youth sport. 

The unfortunate reality for many student athletes is that they are practicing, training, competing and living in not only a deficient, but a DEPLETED state.

Read more about the specific challenges our student athletes are experiencing here.  

Their health and vitality, their ability to achieve their training and performance goals, the mental and emotional health and their enjoyment of youth sport is suffering. 

They are not well.

And because student athletes, parents and coaches all co-exist and are ultimately interconnected within the framework of youth sport, many parents and coaches are struggling too.

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Football Team Coach

The WELL removes barriers to wellness.

Over the many years of working with student athletes, their parents, their coaches and the youth sport programs they compete in, time and money are the two greatest perceived barriers to resolving the health and performance challenges we are seeing. 

There isn't enough money...

- Bringing in nutritionists, yoga teachers, trainers, mental training all is expensive. 

- Fees are already high and programs are sensitive to what families can afford and are willing to pay.

- Food costs are a factor. It's cheaper to eat at McDonald's than it is to buy fresh vegetables.

- Consistency and ongoing supports to implementing wellness strategies aren't realistic because of time constraints.

There isn't enough time...

- Practice spaces and times are available time must be directed to practice and skill development.

- There isn't time to add yoga and recovery into practices or into the already busy schedule.

- Families are already managing busy schedules so programs are hesitant to add more.

- Food prep and even eating well take extra time in the day.

- Parents and coaches are overrun with their own schedules already.

And so critical and foundational elements of health and wellness remain unaddressed. 


Our pyramid is upside down.

It is time for a perspective shift. 

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The WELL is the answer. 

The WELL is a platform where student athletes, along with the parents and coaches who support them can interact, share challenges and success, access resources and develop wellness strategies to support their health and performance goals returning us to a truly abundant youth sport experience.


The WELL offers a space where we can finally start connecting the dots between competitive youth sport, holistic health and wellness, performance and the love of the game. 

With resources, content, information, tools and tips from experts in sport, exercise, health and wellness, athletes, parents and coaches no longer have to scramble to find reputable content. They can come to one place to find the resources they need to support optimum health and performance. 

Start 2022 off, WELL.
Get your annual membership for 1 athlete and a parent for only $33

Here's what you get inside.


Athlete to athlete connection.

Parent to parent sharing.

Coach to coach collaboration.


Nutritional insights for student athletes.

Meal plans and recipes.

Pre-post activity eating.


Conversations with experts

Workshops and webinars.

Ongoing education.


Relaxation and recovery tools.

Stress management.

Mindfulness practices.


Mindset hacks.

Confidence building.

Mental toughness.


Strength building.

Mobility and yoga.

Sports performance.

The WELL is your 24/7, 365 days a year resource bank and communication hub for all wellness and performance related topics with a focus in youth sport. 

Student Athletes...No more wondering what to eat, following fad diets, struggling with body image, feeling tired and run down, reeling from pressure and stress, unsure about how to get stronger, struggling with confidence and mental toughness

We address all of this for you in The WELL. 

And the best part is that you can take initiative in your own health and performance journey and start seeking out the support that you need and communicate with like minded student athletes who are experiencing the same challenges you are. 

Parents...No more nagging at our student athlete to eat more, you can direct them to the experts inside The WELL. 

No more wondering how much they should eat and how to support them in their busy schedules. Chat with other parents who are feeling the same challenges, find resources, access educational webinars and more. AND, all of the information inside the well will also be beneficial to YOUR own health journey. Try out a meditation or a few yoga poses and see how you feel. 

Coaches...No more struggling to find wellness resources for your athletes all over the place. Take what you need from inside the well to support your teams or get your athletes and parents to invest in their own membership so they can take greater initiative for their own health journey. You too may find that the information inside is beneficial not only for your athletes but for your own wellness experience and journey. ​

Yearly memberships are just $44.

But for the month of January, you can get started for just $33. 
Once your payment is received, you will be invited to the platform where you can immediately start accessing resources, check for upcoming events, and communicate with other like minded athletes, parents and coaches.

We can't wait to see you inside.  
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Interested in getting your team or organization started with The WELL and creating a culture of wellness?

  Contact Diane at or at (403) 601-5615 to discuss group pricing. 

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