Wellness Education & Seminars

Wellness Seminars & Education

Teachers & Students

As a past high school physical education teacher, I LOVE educating teachers and students on the principals of sound nutrition and overall health and wellness. Presentations include discussion around the basics of holistic nutrition, stress, sleep, mindfulness and can be geared to meet the needs of the audience upon request. 


The Well Workplace

The healthy worker is more often a happy and productive worker.  

Do you feel like your staff could use a boost?

Managing the physical and mental demands in a busy workplace can take its toll on our health. This presentation gives your employees information and  concrete, small manageable things they can do daily to improve their health and wellness.

Girl Infielder
Student Athletes

The Missing Link in Youth Sport

After 20 years as a youth volleyball coach in both school and club programs, I have witnessed first-hand the challenges that our student athletes face. We have missed the boat in terms of providing them with a holistic understanding of their bodies and minds and how this relates to performance, injury reduction and a general enjoyment of their sport.  

My programming for student athletes includes nutritional support, helps them to understand the needs of THEIR body and incorporates education and instruction around mindfulness.

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