Introducing an Evolution in Student Athlete Nutrition

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Student athlete nutrition is broken and our mission is to fix it.   

The Problem

​Despite the fact that most youth sport organizations list 'healthy development' and 'whole athlete wellness'in their mission statements, very few are providing their athletes with the nutrition education and support that they require to be healthy and function optimally. 

  • Most student athletes do not consume the quantity or quality of food they need to meet their requirements for healthy growth and development.

  • Add multiple practices, games, training sessions to this and they are left not only energy and nutrient deficient, but depleted. (They go to school too right, and have friends and families and jobs?!)

  • They are burning out physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • We see increasing rates of stress, anxiety and depression in our student athlete population.  

  • They suffer from acute and chronic injury and illness at younger and younger ages. ​

  • They deal with ailments and dis-ease that progress into adulthood.

  • They are heavily impacted by their peer's food choices and by marketing that reinforces incorrect eating habits and unhealthy body images. 

The Solution

When we give student athletes education and support in nutrition, everything changes. 

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  • They develop an understanding of how their body works and how food supports their training and competition goals and general health. 

  • They make healthier food choices that are reinforced in a their team environment 

  • They see increases in performance and training gains.

  • They experience decreases in injury and illness.

  •  Recovery time goes down.

  • They experience enhanced focus and mental capacity in practice and competition.

  • They develop greater resiliency to competition and life stresses.

  • They develop a healthy relationship with food and with their body.

  • They will experience greater longevity in sport...for those who want to compete at the next level and for those who simply want to enjoy a lifetime of fun physical activity. 

  • Greater enjoyment through the youth sport experience feeling WELL.

The Invitation

If you are...


A student athlete taking initiative for your own health and performance goals....

The parent of a student athlete whom you know either desires and/or could benefit from nutritional coaching or is struggling to keep up with their sport and life...

A coach who has seen their athletes struggle with staying healthy, focusing and improving performance and who wants to empower them...

A youth sport program administrator or developer and you want to build a program that truly gives student athletes the tools they need to succeed in sport and in life....

Then we should definitely connect. 

Our Approach

At GUTS we focus on 4 pillars.

1) Curiosity
2) Assessment
3) Integration
4) Expansion
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Our program gives athletes the tools to understand where they are at now in terms of nutrition, what their unique and individual needs are, how to make healthy nutrition changes without adding additional stress to their busy lives and how nutrition connects with other aspects of their lives. 

And we do this without burdening youth sport programs and parents with excessive costs and time investments. 

Athletes can work at their own pace. 

Parents get access to what they are learning.

Changes are integrated slowly through online learning and follow up activities that enhance athlete retention, relevance and understanding.

Head over to our official GUTS website to explore all of our complimentary and full service offerings. 

If you are interested in nutrition programming for a youth sport organization or team, book a discovery chat below and find out how you can get your athletes started. 

For a limited time and for a limited number of programs, reach out to be considered for our beta test launch which includes access to the full GUTS program for a significantly reduced fee. 

Here's what others are saying

Natalie Gurnsey
Head Coach University of Calgary Women’s Volleyball Team from 2010 - 2020

"Diane worked with my program as a Wellness Consultant for two seasons. In those two years, injury rates decreased by over 80%, the overall mental and emotional health of my athletes increased and their nutritional decisions made an impact on performance because of Diane's education and guidance."

Carsten Stanjeck
- Founder & CEO of HITT Volleyball

"Diane Johnson has consulted for HITT Volleyball for the last 11 years. She has worked as a Coach but has also shared a holistic health perspective with the athletes through instruction in yoga and holistic nutrition. Diane is experienced, professional and prepared and demonstrates genuine care for the health and wellness of HITT athletes. Our athletes have benefited greatly from Diane’s knowledge and passion in the areas of volleyball and overall health and wellness. Beyond all this, Diane is an exceptional educator and coach and has the ability to engage and focus her students with ease.” 

Leah Shevkenek,
- Professional Volleyball Athlete with Ilisiakos, Greece

Working with Diane has been a great privilege because she looks at a student athlete through a holistic lens and has given me the nutritional, mental, and emotional tools to help in all aspects

of my life. I still refer back to Diane’s personalized nutrition plan while I am playing overseas. It has benefited my performance on the court and helped me understand what nourishment my

body needs to perform at my best when my best is needed. Equally as important, she has given me the tools through practicing yoga to remain present and mindful, while listening to what my body, mind and soul need in order to play my best volleyball, rest, recover and maintain an overall healthy foundation.".

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