What value would you assign to your own growth?

Have you ever thought about this? If someone asked you how much value you would assign to your own growth, what would you say? 

$50? $100? $500? 

What would it be worth to you to be able to shift your perspective and start moving forward in your life? What would it be worth to you to feel happier, experience greater vitality and an increased sense of purpose? 


Investing in yourself CAN be easy. 

Investing in yourself can feel icky and uncomfortable, especially if we aren't used to putting ourselves first. But it doesn't have to be hard. Stay with me here. 

The most common reasons I hear from people for not investing in a program is that it is too expensive. They want to do it, but can only see the lack in their financial status that prevents them from moving forward. In reality, it is not the lack of money that keeps us stuck, it is our own subconscious beliefs about our own worthiness and fears around not having or being enough that keep us stuck.


We hit fear and we freeze or we run in the opposite direction. 


But what if you got to start this process of investing in yourself in a way that didn't feel so icky. What if you were took time to reflect on just how much value a coach would bring to your life and then went after that. What if you actually took action to move your life forward by designing the value and duration of your own program WITH your coach. 

Mmmmm......this feels SO good!

Let's build your program together

This coaching option feels so good to me because I never want the challenge of facing fears around a lack of funds to be the reason that people stay stuck. I want anyone and everyone to be able to say YES to themselves and start their path forward. This offer allows you to tell me where you can start. 

You get to build your program!!!

How much value would you attach to time spent talking with your coach? 

How many conversations would that be? One a month? Maybe two? One every week?

How long would you want to work with the coach for? One month? Two? Maybe you don't know yet and just want to see how it goes? 

How much value would you assign to a coach giving you new perspectives, tools and things to work on and then holding you accountable to working on those things?

How much would you value being able to access your coach between calls through message when you needed support in the moment?

You tell me what your dream coaching experience would look like, and I'll help you to create it. 

You start by creating your path forward

Don't get me wrong, you may still be feeling some of those icky, uncertain feelings. This is actually a GOOD thing because on the other side of our fears lives limitless possibility. You have to go through this icky stuff to grow. But in considering this, you are already moving. You are taking inspired action, following the call of your soul and tapping into your creative energy. YES!!! Celebrate this. 


Taking the leap to invest in yourself also means that you will show up for your own growth and because you have taken time to think through the above questions about how much you value your own growth, you'll probably have a  number in your head already. Let's talk about that number and get you started. 

This creation requires conversation.

I can't wait to chat with you about your dreams and help you create your very own path forward. 

Your journey, your design. 

 - Diane


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